PR and Communications for Journalists

What is PR and communications?

Public relations refers to the management of communications between organisations and the public.

PR and communications professionals have the role of building, maintaining and managing the reputation of clients across different industries including business, politics, and entertainment.

PR and communications for journalists is a compulsory module on the following courses only:
• NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism (remote part-time/18 months)
• NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Sports Journalism (full-time/35 weeks, London & Manchester)
• NCTJ part-time Multimedia Journalism Diploma (in person part time/40 weeks, London & Manchester)

Why is it important for journalists to know about PR and communications?

There is more to the media industry than just journalism, and this module will develop a wider understanding of the methods and objectives of PR and communications professionals.

Knowledge and experience in public relations and communications is helpful for any career in journalism or the wider media industry.

PR and communications for journalists shows a different side of the media and will also develop your knowledge of social media – an area of exponential growth in journalism jobs.

How do we teach PR and communications?

The programme of study will include producing a campaign strategy, creating accurate news releases, understanding legal and ethical issues surrounding PR, and how to use social media to deliver PR objectives.