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  • We’ve been ranked the UK’s number one NCTJ journalism school for three straight years

  • No other journalism school wins more prizes at annual NCTJ Awards for Excellence

  • Unrivalled record at getting our trainees into a wide-range of journalism and media jobs

  • Officially the UK’s top ranked fast-track NCTJ journalism course in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

  • London’s top-rated NCTJ journalism school for the last ten years

  • Hat-trick! News Associates named UK’s top NCTJ journalism course again

    Hat-trick! News Associates named UK’s top NCTJ journalism course again

    News Associates is officially the UK’s number one NCTJ journalism course and fast-track course.

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    Triumphant trio of trainees celebrate success at NCTJ Awards for Excellence 2017

    News Associates graduate Anna Schaverien was crowned Student Journalist of the Year at the annual NCTJ Awards for Excellence.

  • “Award-winning scoop”

    “Award-winning scoop”

    Léonie Chao-Fong’s agenda setting investigation into the seedy underworld of Hong Kong bankers was recognised by judges in the NCTJ Excellence in Journalism Awards as ‘stunning and outstanding work’. She now works a journalist at Stylist Magazine.

  • Making the news

    Making the news

    After graduating from News Associates, Funmi Olutoye earned a place on the prestigious ITV News training scheme. She has also worked for London Live and Channel 4 News.

  • Covering the stars

    Covering the stars

    Former News Associates graduate Rosie Hopegood joined The People’s Love Sunday magazine.
    She was shortlisted as a feature writer of the year in the NCTJ’s Excellence in Journalism Awards.

  • Top performing trainees

    Top performing trainees

    Sara Oldfield was recognised as student journalist of the year in 2016 following her stunning NCTJ exam results.
    “If I’d studied somewhere else I wouldn’t have won this award. News Associates training is the best there is,” she said.



News Associates trainees dominated the NCTJ Awards for Excellence in Journalism. Pictured are Sara Oldfield (The Sun), Lucy Pasha-Robinson (The Independent), Richard Amofa (Daily Telegraph) and Ross Lawson (Sportsbeat)

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  • “News Associates courses offer invaluable opportunities to get practical experience reporting on a wide range of events while you train.”

    Pete Thompson, Twitter 


  • “The course was intense but it was the best decision I could have made to get into sports journalism.”

    Chris Reidy, Sky Sports News


  • “This course is all about attitude. You’ve got to work really hard, seize your chances because you are studying at the best place there is.”

    Hardeep Martharu, The Independent


  • “Be prepared to work hard but I know first hand that enrolling on a News Associates course could be the best choice you’ve ever made.”

    Tom MacLeod, Sky News


  • “News Associates was a great experiemce that taught me a lot fo essential skills that I use every day. I would recommend their courses for a speedy and effective entry into journalism.”

    Helen Reid, Reuters


  • “Choosing News Associates was the best first career move. The tutors were first class and their contacts invaluable.”

    Daniella Matar, Associated Press


  • “The contacts you make at News Associates provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

    Dan Zeqiri, The Daily Telegraph 


  • “I find myself constantly telling people that NCTJ training with News Associates is the best thing I’ve ever done. The tutors care so much that everyone does well.”

    Hannah Scott, The Sunday Times

  • “News Associates is an intense and exhilarating experience. It’s without a doubt the best possible start I could have had to my career in journalism.”

    Elise Chamberlain, BBC

  • “The News Associates course equipped me with the vital tools I need to do my job and I use them everyday.”

    Gabriella Swerling, The Times

  • “The tutors push you to achieve your own potential, they genuinely care and I don’t think I would have done as well as I did if I had taken my NCTJ anywhere else.”

    Sara Oldfield, NCTJ Student Journalist of the Year 2016

  • “The course is demanding but rewarding and the skills you are taught by the dedicated staff are invaluable.”

    Jack Skelton, BBC Sport

  • “The work is hard and the hours are tough but studying at News Associates is worth it in the end when you know you’ve finally got to where you want to be.”

    Kat Lay, The Times

  • “If I had done my NCTJ course somewhere else, I really don’t think I would have won this award.”

    George Gigney, NCTJ Student Journalist of the Year 2015

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