Videojournalism for digital platforms

What is videojournalism for digital platforms?

This module will enable you to become a confident producer and user of video – a significant element of digital journalism. 

Videojournalism for digital platforms is a compulsory module on the following course only:
NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism (full-time fast-track/22 weeks, London & Manchester)

You will learn to exercise editorial judgement in relation to digital videojournalism, and make informed decisions about the use of a variety of digital platforms and different devices.

You will also learn the technical skills required to shoot, edit and publish videos online and you will study the effectiveness of videos on news websites and social media on desktop and mobile devices.

You will be aware of emerging platforms, technologies and trends, always considering how video can be used as a medium for online reporting. 

The aim of the videojournalism for digital platforms assessment is to ensure trainee journalists can: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to make informed editorial judgments in relation to videojournalism publication on a variety of digital platforms and devices
  • Create distinctive videojournalism which is accurate, clear and communicative 
  • Demonstrate ability in the use of video equipment, i.e. cameras, (including smartphones or tablets) tripods, microphones and editing software 
  • Edit videos and write text to a deadline
  • Show an understanding and awareness of legal, ethical or technical issues relating to video and online content
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