Job Destinations

Nothing pleases us more than our trainees landing their dream journalism job. You’ll find their work on the walls around our offices and on Twitter @NewsAssociates.

Here’s a list of recent job destinations. If you are a News Associates alumni and aren’t listed or you want to update your employer, please get in touch by emailing


David Sheppard – Deputy commodities editor, Financial Times
Vanessa Brown – Digital production journalist, Financial Times
Rachel Addison – Reporter, Financial Times Advisor
Gerard Meagher – Reporter, The Guardian
Leonie Chao Fong – News reporter, The Guardian
Anatoly Kurmanaev – Mexico and Central America correspondent, The New York Times
Anna Schaverien – News assistant, The New York Times

Justin Moll – Writer, The Sunday Times
Hannah Scott – Driving digital editor, The Sunday Times
Laura Lambert – Digital sub-editor, The Sunday Times
Bec Clancy – Breaking news editor, The Times Business
Kat Lay – Health correspondent, The Times
Gabriella Swerling – News reporter, The Times
Blanca Schofield – Journalist, The Times
Charlotte Alt – Reporter, The Times
Ellie McDonald – Journalist, The Times
Matthew Kayanja – Journalist, The Times

Poppy Koronka – Reporter, The Times
Sasha Nugara – Journalist, The Times
Sharin Hussain – Journalist, The Times
Yasmin Choudhury – Journalist, The Times
Zander Butler – News reporter, The Times
Patrick Barrett – Night editor, The Times tablet edition
Henry Bird – Newsletters writer, The Times
Becca Harty – Sub-editor, The Times
David Jordan – Sub-editor, The Times
Bec Clancy – F1 correspondent, The Times
David Bates – Assistant sports editor, The Times Sport
Josh Burrows – Reporter, Times Sport
Luke Saward – Sports journalist, The Times Sport
Angus Oliver – Journalist, The Times Sport
Willis Bennett – Sub-editor, The Times Sport
Paddy von Behr – Sub-editor, The Times sport
Kit Shepard – Freelance sports journalist, The Times Sport
Carly Minsky – Reporter, Times Higher Education
Alice Barraclough – Commissioning editor, Daily Telegraph
Francesca Marshall – Weekend news editor, Daily Telegraph
Dora Allday – Assistant news editor, Daily Telegraph
Jon McLeod – Content editor, Daily Telegraph
Laura Onita – Retail editor, Daily Telegraph
Claire Fox – Reporter, Daily Telegraph
Flora Bowen – Reporter, Daily Telegraph
Tim Sigsworth – Reporter, Daily Telegraph
Dan Schofield – Rugby writer, Daily Telegraph
Tom Mulvihill – Reporter, Daily Telegraph Travel
Ben Bloom – Sports reporter, Daily Telegraph
Dan Zeqiri – Sports journalist, Daily Telegraph
Tamara Prenn – Digital sports production journalist, Daily Telegraph
Thomas Mulvihill – Travel writer, Daily Telegraph
Morgan Condon – Travel writer, Daily Telegraph
Madeleine Howell – Lifestyle journalist, Daily Telegraph
Rachel Mortimer – Money and scams reporter, Daily Telegraph
Blathnaid Corless – Sub-editor, Daily Telegraph
Fiona Tomas – Reporter, Telegraph Women’s Sport
Dean Wilkins – Reporter, The Sun
Chris Hewett – Reporter, The Sun
Dorothea Jacobs – Reporter, The Sun
Jessica Lester – Reporter, The Sun
Danny De Vaal – Reporter, The Sun
Karen Morrison – Reporter, The Sun
Joseph Archer – Reporter, The Sun
Tom Towers – Reporter, The Sun
Ed Southgate – Reporter, The Sun 
Sophie Donovan – Reporter, The Sun 
Alice Fuller – Reporter, The Sun 
Holly Christodoulou – Reporter, The Sun
Danny Collins – Reporter, The Sun 
Sam Morgan – Reporter, The Sun 
Eleanor Sharples – News reporter, The Sun
Julia Atherley – Reporter, The Sun 
Catriona Graffius – Reporter, The Sun 
Summer Raemason – Reporter, The Sun
Harry Garside – Social media manager, The Sun Football
Tom Barclay – Sports reporter, The Sun
Josh Jones – Sports reporter, The Sun
Lee Astley – Sports reporter, The Sun
Jamie Gordon – Sports reporter, The Sun
Johnny Fordham – Sports reporter, The Sun
Oscar Paul – Sports reporter, The Sun
Jordan Davies – Sports reporter, The Sun
Jake James Harrison – Online features writer, The Sun
Faye De Silva – Features writer, The Sun
Josie Griffiths  – Features writer, The Sun
Eleanor Ross – Features writer, The Sun
Becky Pemberton – Features writer, The Sun
Hayley Richardson – Features writer, The Sun
Lauren Windle – Features writer, The Sun
Chantelle Pearce – Features writer, The Sun
Shan Ally – Showbiz reporter, The Sun
Temitayo Adedeji – Editorial assistant, The Sun
Natasha Livingstone – Reporter, Mail on Sunday
George Wilson – Digital production assistant – Mail on Sunday
Kumail Jaffer – Political reporter, Daily Mail
Nadia Mendoza – LA newsdesk, Daily Mail
Rhys Noye-Allen –  Sports reporter, Daily Mail
Andrew Magee – Sports reporter, Daily Mail
Joe Ridge – Sports reporter, Daily Mail
James Andrew – Sports reporter, Daily Mail
Claire Anderson – Reporter, Daily Mail
Hugo Brown – Editorial assistant, Daily Mail
Elaine O’Flynn – Global news reporter, Daily Mail
Oliver Todd – Sports reporter, Daily Mail
Tessa Jones – Sub-editor, Daily Mail
Will Kelleher – Rugby reporter, Daily Mail
Aadam Patel – Sports graduate trainee, Daily Mail
Adam Solomons – Foreign news reporter, MailOnline
Emma Phippen – Health reporter, MailOnline
Immy Calderwood – Global reporter, MailOnline
Khaleda Rahman – Reporter, MailOnline Australia
Brooke Davies – News reporter, MailOnline
Eleanor Dye – Journalist, Mailonline
Tom Scotson – Journalist, Mailonline
Dolly Busby – Journalist, Daily Mail
Elena Salvoni – Reporter, MailOnline
Elizabeth Haigh – Reporter, MailOnline 
Lizzie Edmonds – Reporter, MailOnline
Georgia Simcox – Reporter, MailOnline
Kate Dennett – Reporter, MailOnline
Dianne Apen-Sadler – Reporter, MailOnline
Milo Pope – Journalist, MailOnline
Olivia Devereux-Evans – Reporter, MailOnline
Chris Matthews – Reporter, MailOnline
Rachel Muir – Reporter, MailOnline
Alice Giddings – Journalist, MailOnline
Fay Strang – Showbiz reporter, MailOnline
Ciara Farmer – Showbiz reporter, MailOnline
Laura Fox – Showbiz reporter, MailOnline
Lily Waddell – Showbiz reporter, MailOnline
Kwame Boakye – Sports reporter, MailOnline
Charlie Skillen – Sports reporter, MailOnline
Adam Smith – Sports reporter, MailOnline
Nick Godden – Sports reporter, MailOnline
Daniel Prescott – Sports reporter, MailOnline
George Bond – Night news editor, Mail Sport
Ben Willcocks – Sports journalist, Mail Sport
Dom Hogan – Sports journalist, Mail Sport
Kishan Vaghela – Journalist, Mail Sport
Henry Jones – Sub-editor, Mail Sport
Alexander Jennings – Sub-editor, Mail Sport
Dominic Lee – Sub-editor, Daily Mail
Michelle Martin – Freelance reporter, MailOnline
Sam Blitz – Freelance journalist, MailOnline
Lawrence Ostlere – Sports editor, The Independent
Sam Smith – Assistant foreign editor, The Independent
Nadine White – Race correspondent, The Independent
Isobel Lewis – Culture reporter, The Independent
Lucy Pasha-Robinson – Reporter, The Independent
Lizzie Dearden – Reporter, The Independent
Lamiat Sabin – Reporter, The Independent
Chloe Hamilton – Features writer, The i
Ryan Dinsdale – Freelance journalist, The i
Joe Jackson – Reporter, New York Daily News and Time Magazine
Lindsay Watling – Reporter, London Evening Standard
David Churchill – Reporter, London Evening Standard
Anna Dubuis – Reporter, London Evening Standard
Lizzie Rivera – Reporter, London Evening Standard
Keri Sutherland – Reporter, Sunday Mirror
Alasdair Hooper – Sports content editor, Daily Mirror
Jess Wilson – Showbiz reporter, Daily Mirror
Rebecca Pocklington – Showbiz reporter, Daily Mirror
Julia Banim – Audience writer, Daily Mirror
Dan Falvey – Deputy digital political editor, Daily Express 
Ben Endley – Nights news editor, Daily Express
Ollie Corfe – Data journalist, Daily Express
Myriam Toua – Journalist, Daily Express
Isabel Deibe – Digital reporter, Daily Express
Rory O’Connor – TV reporter, Daily Express
Bruce Archer – Sports reporter, Daily Express
Nicholas Lustig – Reporter, Daily Express
Daniel Falvey – Reporter, Daily Express
Dorothy Reddin – Royal lifestyle reporter, Daily Express
Jonathan Green – Sports reporter, Daily Express
Cyrus Engineer – Online reporter, Daily Express and Daily Star
Dion Dassanayake – Reporter, Daily Express
Joe Short – Sports reporter, Daily Express
Charles Perrin – Sports reporter, Daily Express
Sam Stevenson – News reporter, Daily Express
Olivia Stringer – Reporter, Daily Express
Michelle Marshall – Showbiz reporter, Daily Express
Alex Brown – Reporter, Daily Star
Bethany Whittingham – Reporter, Daily Star
Timothy Baker – Print news reporter, Daily Star
Thomas McIlroy – Sports reporter, Daily Star
Josh Milton – News reporter, Metro
Meghna Amin – TV reporter, Metro
Tori Brazier – Entertainment reporter, Metro
Jen Tombs – Sub-editor, Metro
Rosie Hopegood – Reporter, Sunday People
Jessica Haworth – Reporter, Sunday Sport
Francesca Librae – Reporter, Sunday Sport
Lela London – Freelance journalist, The Daily Telegraph and Forbes
Kathryn Jacques – Media consultant, Morning Star
Jack White – Sub-editor, Morning Star
Greg Barradale – Reporter, The Big Issue


Alex Marrow – Economics correspondent, Reuters
Elizabeth Culliford – Journalist, Reuters
Katherine Jacques – Journalist, Reuters
Louise Rasmussen – News reporter, Reuters
Marina Adami – Digital journalist, Reuters

Helen Reid – Africa mining correspondent, Reuters
Mindy Burrows – Freelance journalist, Reuters
Aliss Higham – Reporter, Reach
Andrew Gamble – National sports trend writer, Reach
Emilia Bona, Deputy editor, Reach Wire
Lizzie McAllister – Newsletter lead, Reach
Josh Graham – Freelance digital sports reporter, News UK
Kyle Farrell – Sub-editor, News UK
Adam Payne – Political editor, PoliticsHome
Zoe Crowther – Social media journalist, PoliticsHome
Eleni Courea – Deputy editor, Politico London Playbook
Victor Jack – Energy reporter, Politico

Ryan Hogg – Business reporter, Business Insider
Charissa Cheong – Digital culture reporter, Business Insider
Jack Sommers – Deputy news editor, HuffPost
Felicity Capon – Reporter, HuffPost
Emily Garbutt – Freelance journalist, HuffPost
Iwan Stone – Reporter, Triangle News
Josie O’Brien – Reporter, Triangle News
Kaisha Langton – Reporter, Triangle News
Carolina Herranz-Carr – Journalist, Court News UK
Charlie Jones – Journalist, Court News UK
Ed Leahy – Reporter, Court News UK
Ross Ibbetson– Reporter, Court News UK
Jack Andrews – Reporter, Court News UK
Bhvishya Patel – Reporter, Court News UK
Helen Thomas – Senior social editor, VICE
Will Nott – Writer, VICE
Tom Usher – Writer, VICE
Alex Finnis – Staff writer, Buzzfeed
Will Metcalfe – News editor, PA
Kathryn Gaw – Financial Editor, PA
Rikki Loftus – Senior features writer, PA
Sophie Herdman – Features writer, PA
Abbie Llewelyn – House of Lords reporter, PA
Anna Wise – Reporter, PA
Jake Hackney – Digital journalist, PA

Matt Sherry – Reporter, PA
Darren Heath – Sub editor, PA
Gemma Bradley – Reporter, Press Association
Alex Bowmer – Online content producer, PA
Rachel Steinberg – Crystal Palace reporter, PA Sport
Danielle O’Brien – Reporter, PA Real Life
James Hibbs – Drama writer, Radio Times
Richard Pilcher – TV traffic editor, Bloomberg
Louisa Blair – Deputy editor, Argus Media
Georgina McCartney – Reporter, Argus Media
E-J Heap – Reporter, Ferrari Press Agency
Hardeep Matharu – Editor, Byline Times
Henry Hill – Day editor, Conservative Home
Pete Thompson – Online editor, , AMC Network
Dan Etchells – Sports politics reporter, 
Basit Mahmood – Editor, Left Foot Forward
Asyia Iftikhar – Entertainment reporter, PinkNews
David Keane – Bureau chief, Caters
Helen Le Caplain – News editor, Caters
Kim Reader – Reporter, Caters
Tui Benjamin – Reporter, Caters
Greg Ritchie – Reporter, Bloomberg News
Nick Webster – Reporter, Abu Dhabi Media
Charlotte Luxford – Features editor, IPC Media
Holly Arnold – Senior content editor, IPC Media
Sarah Gwynn – Senior press officer, European Tour
Tom Curran – Press officer, European Tour
Adrian Millerick – Website writer, European Tour
Steve Jones – Deputy online editor, Rugby Football Union
Daniela Matar – Italian sports correspondent, Associated Press
Richard Amofa – Staff editor, The Athletic
Peter Rutzler – Fulham reporter, The Athletic
Tomás Hill – Junior Spain editor, The Athletic
Mark Lomas – Assistant editor, ESPN
Nick Atkin – Assistant editor, ESPN UK
Nate Saunders – Assistant editor, ESPNF1 UK
Oliver Young-Myles – Reporter, Squawka
Jake Evans – Data football editor, Opta Joe
Imogen Harry – Lawn Tennis Association
Chris Cottrell – Web content manager, British Swimming
Oliver Young-Myles – Reporter, Squawka
Daniel Prescott – Feature writer, M&Y News Agency
Nick Howson – Online sports reporter, International Business Times
Colin Rowe – Editorial director, Atlantic Media
Louise Quick – Assistant editor, Alain Charles Publishing
Rachel Quigley – Digital news editor, Bauer Media Group, USA
Richard Cutcher – Editor, Global Rosk at Pageant Media
Sophie Russell – Sports reporter, IBT Media
Cyrus Engineer – Online reporter, Express and Star
Charlie Lemay – Staff writer, Golf Magic
Kit Sproson – News reporter, Central News Agency
Heather Skillen – News editor, Caters News Agency
Hannah Stubbs – Reporter, Caters News Agency
Ian Silvera – Political and business reporter, IBT Media UK
Henry Vaughan – Court reporter for Strand News
Marcus Chippindale – Senior reporter, INS News Agency
Rik Sharma – Writer, Diario Sport, Barcelona
Adam Richards – Cinematographer, Sportsbeat
Alec McQuarrie – Multimedia journalist, Sportsbeat
Ben Hart – Multimedia journalist, Sportsbeat
James Reid – Multimedia journalist, Sportsbeat
Milly McEvoy – Reporter, Sportsbeat
Oli Dickson Jefford – Multimedia journalist, Sportsbeat
Stefan Frost – Multimedia journalist, Sportsbeat
Tum Balogan – Journalist, Sportsbeat
Megan Armitage – Journalist, Sportsbeat
Natasha David-Hilton – Features editor, Cavendish Press
Gwyn Wright – Journalist, Cavendish Press
Jonny Fordham – Sports reporter, Wardle Whittell Agency
Gareth Westmorland – Reporter, Ross Parry News Agency
Seema Hakim – Reporter, World Entertainment News
Kieran Beckles – Deputy editor, The Sport Review
Matt Wiggins – Cricket writer, The Sport Review
Emma Brisdion – Editorial assistant, Wanderlust Travel Media
Stephen Walter – Reporter, Solent News
Harriet Marsh – Reporter, Solent News and Photo Agency
Stephen Walter – Reporter, Solent News and Photo Agency
Holly Christodoulou – Reporter, National News
Matt Abbott – Features editor, SWNS
Ben Cusack – News editor, SWNS
Patrick Gysin – Reporter, SWNS
Ben Cusack – Reporter, SWNS
Daniel Hammond – Reporter, SWNS
Douglas Whitbread – North of England reporter, SWNS
Laura Sharman – Reporter, SWNS
Pol Allingham – Reporter, SWNS
Camille Letourneur – Multimedia journalist, Middle East Eye
Matthew Priest – Editor, LuxMedia, Middle East
Dan Woodland – Reporter, reNEWS

Amelia Isaacs – Reporter, AltFi
James Pozzi – Associate editor, Say One Media
Nicola Tavendale – eChannels editor, Profit and Loss
Sam Crompton – Social media and news editor,
Joe Morgan – Reporter, Gay Star News
Kiran Aldridge – Writer, Time and Leisure Publishing
Jan Northcroft – Editor, Liverpool and Merseyside Volunteer
Liam Twomey – Writer,
Robin Jellis – Reporter, SportBusiness
Ryan Clarke – Reporter, Golf Punk
Tom Hamilton – Reporter, ESPN
Emily Townsend – Correspondent, Health Service Journal
Heidi Vella-Starr – Energy features writer, Progressive Media
Wendy Oloya – Content editor, WorldStores
Shanna McGoldrick – Writer, AFP Relax News
Steve Walter – Reporter, M&Y News
Tom Moore – London24
Rachel Hur – Reporter, Yonhap News Agency (Korea)
Liane Lau – Money Saving Expert
Ashley Birch – Online writer, Squawka
Ed Greenland – Writer,
Grant Turnbull – Reporter, Shepherd Media
Pippa Chambers – News reporter, PerformanceIN
Liz Cooey – Assistant editor, Hemming Group
Samantha Partington – Senior reporter, Mortgage Solutions
Jamie Dickensen – Writer, Betfair
Will De Nardo – Social media content editor, Sky Betting
Lauren Mason – Reporter, FE Trustnet
Ross Wittenham Fisher – Digital content editor, English Heritage
Rob Guest – Football writer, Football London
Chris Bailey – Head of content, Sport360
Tara Lepore – Staff writer, PSN Europe
Kasia Sobocinska – Video producer, Smyle
Bill McLoughlin – Freelance journalist, Snack Media
Natasha Onwuemezi – Features writer, The Bookseller
Anna Paul – Digital communications manager, British Science Association
Ben Thompson – Reporter, Kennedy News and Media
David Adamson – Reporter, Kennedy News and Media
Jessica Cripps – Reporter, Kennedy News and Media
Rebecca Cooley – Reporter, Kennedy News and Media
Jonathan Harding – Reporter, Racing Post
Husna Rizvi – Writer/editor, New Internationalist
Rebecca Morley – Staff writer, Bike Biz
Chloe Taylor – News assistant, CNBC International
Joe Walker – Content editor, Glasgow 2018
Samuel Skubala – Sports writer, Orlando Magic Daily
Rachel Dobbs – Reporter, Verdict
George Hallam – Freelance journalist, Dow Jones
Matthew Trinder – Reporter, Redaction Politics
Camomile Shumba – Reporter, CoinDesk
Laren Tayyip – Editorial assistant, Eliza
Rachel Magee – Reporter, Research Fortnight
Neha Gohil – Journalist, The News Movement
Perkin Amalaraj – News reporter, Global Investigations Review
Will Macadam – News reporter, Global Restructuring Review
Andrew Dowdeswell – Data Journalist, Radar AI
Aicha Marhfour – Reporter, Policy and Regulatory Report
Ayisha Sharma – Healthcare reporter, Citeline
Grace Duncan – Fresh foods reporter, The Grocer
Hatty Willmoth – Journalist, The Institute for Optimum Nutrition
Jordan Lloyd Beck – Showbiz reporter, BANG Showbiz
George Hayes – Editorial Assistant, Global Trade Review


Dan Munden – Senior Press Officer, Cabinet Office, 10 Downing Street
Ben Baker – Communications manager, Premiership Rugby
Jack Miller – Communications manager, Northampton Saints
Caroline Craig – Chief communications officer, Defra
Anna Cooban – Senior Policy Officer, Mayor of London
Melissa Thorne – Policy, publishing and editorial officer at LGiU (Local Government Information Unit)
Harri Thomas – Policy Advisor, Hong Kong Watch Media
George Dabby – PR Consultant, Run Communications 
William Moulton – Communications assistant, England Hockey 
Rachel Hunter – Editor, UNICEF UK
William Pickworth – Consistency Support Officer, Daisy Cooper MP
Carrie Smith – PR for Jake Berry MP
Zarah Al Kudcy – Organising Committee, England 2015 Rugby World Cup
Anna Young – Press Officer, England 2015 Rugby World Cup
Tom Curran – Reporter, England 2015 Rugby World Cup
Steve Bond – Press Officer, Chelsea Football Club
George Boulton – Communications Assistant, Southampton Football Club
Ed Langford – Communications Department, British Olympic Association
Tom Chick – Social Media Manager, World Rugby
Lucy Benjamin – Media and Communications Manager, Rowing Australia
Sean White – Marketing and communications coordinator, England Lacrosse
Naomi Hutchinson – Communications and marketing lead, The Boat Race Company
Imogen Willis – Commercial, marketing and communications intern, London Sport

Sam Smith – International and Appeals writer, British Red Cross
Abigail Cutler – Press and marketing assistant, Rose Theatre
Nick Hartwell – Head of PR, Mission Sports Management
Hugo Mirabel-Hardy – Content creator, Sport Buff
James Chittick – Freelance contributor, Game Rant
Alex Morrisey – Communications, NHS
Connie Primmer – Press Officer, Thames Valley Police
Evie Calder – Media relations manager, UCL
Serena Tramonti – Media Campaigner – Oxfam
Felix Henderson – Hill and Knowlton Public Relations
Kate Corry – Press Officer, Young Enterprise
George Jones – Assistant Press Officer, Reading Football Club
Joe Short – Reporter, FC Copenhagen
Will Thompson – Senior editorial manager, Fifty Digital
Sally Best – Science Writer, Manchester Cancer Centre
Jade Gamlin – Press Officer, Mental Health Foundation
Kristina Oumoussan – Campaigns Co-ordinator, British Airways
Jack Zorab – Senior Account Manager, JTA Associates
Ellen Farrell – Account Manager, JTA Associates
Emily Coen – PR Manager, The Sun
Ruth Faulkner – Fashion PR for @GoodResultsPR
Rhys Hayward – Digital Editor, Marylebone Cricket Club
Anna Aguilar Franquesa – Sub-editor, Citywire
Lucy Cork – Marketing and Communications Manager, The Special Yoga Centre
Rachel Hunter – Press Officer, British Lung Foundation
James Brilliant – PR Executive, Seven Hills
Adam Smith – Production Assistant, Perform
Holly Hamilton – Communications Manager, The Tennis Foundation
Jason Thomson – Secretary, National Volunteer Advisory Council at Peace Corps
Hannah Barker – Programme co-ordinator, Aus and NZ Festival of Literature & Art
Claire Benktander – Social media and content intern, Hostel World
Scarlett O’Malley – Freelance writer/podcaster, Tuckshop Recordings
Khalid Azad Karimullah – PR account assistant, Talker Tailor
Nick Powell – Digital editor, Greenways Publishing
Jasmine Jackson – Reporter, Cognitive Publishing
Zara Qureshi – Project manager & content editor, The Equiano Project
Cal Gaunt – Content editor, It’s Gone Viral
Emma Adams – Senior newsroom producer, markettiers


Harry Farley – Senior journalist, BBC News
Bonnie McLaren – Senior journalist, BBC News
Lauren Potts – Broadcast journalist, BBC News
Elise Chamberlain – Broadcast journalist, BBC News
Emma Harrison – Broadcast journalist, BBC News
Laura Wignall  – Broadcast journalist, BBC News
Frankie Tobin  – Broadcast journalist, BBC News
Riddhi Jha – Producer, BBC News
Ahisha Ghafoor – Producer, BBC News
Kate Finburg – Production co-ordinator, BBC News
Tom Wright – Journalist/researcher, BBC News
Rebecca Collins – Assistant producer, BBC News
Perisha Kudhail – Journalist, BBC News
Mora Morrison – Broadcast journalist, BBC World Service
Jenna Abaakouk – Multimedia journalist, BBC World Service
Sophie Evans – Programme co-ordinator, BBC Worldwide
Tom Reynolds – Broadcast journalist, BBC Sport
Jack Skelton  – Broadcast journalist, BBC Sport
Andy Donley – Broadcast journalist, BBC Sport
James Burford – Broadcast journalist, BBC Sport
Henry Monk – Producer, BBC Sport
Tasnim Chowdhury – Online journalist, BBC Sport
Aymen Babar – Freelance journalist, BBC Sport
Giles Lucas – Broadcast assistant, BBC 5 Live Sportsweek
Martha Wilson – Researcher, BBC 5 Live
Jeanette Kwakye – Broadcast journalist, BBC London
Katie Falkingham – Broadcast journalist, BBC
Becky Grey – Sports reporter, BBC
Sarah Clayton – Reporter, BBC Entertainment
Jack Muscutt – Reporter, BBC3 Counties
Jacqueline Shepherd – Broadcast journalist, BBC Radio and Times Radio
Dulcie Godfrey – Freelance journalist, BBC Radio 4
Ollie Slack – Sports journalist, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Anita Khakpour-Langary – Researcher, BBC
Tess Colley – Publicist, BBC News
Marguerite Camu – Media coordinator, BBC News Intake
Paloma Prieto Del Valle – Media coordinator, BBC News Intake
Phoebe Southworth – News Editor, Sky News
Tom MacLeod – Presenter, Sky News
Rebecca Taylor – Reporter, Sky News
Shingi Mararike – Correspondent, Sky News
Mhari Aurora – Politics and business correspondent, Sky News 
Olive Enokido-Lineham – News reporter, Sky News
Benedict Holzmann – Producer, Sky News
Rebecca Banovic – Freelance producer, Sky News 
Jess Vickerage – Picture researcher, Sky News
Ed Higgs – Deputy daytime producer, Sky Sports
Alice Piper – Journalist, Sky Sports
Chris Reidy – Journalist, Sky Sports
Aisha Awan – Multimedia sports editor, Sky Sports 
Laura Wignall – Assistant producer, Sky Sports
Debbie Kaplan – Reporter, Sky Sports
Fadumo Olow – Reporter, Sky Sports
William Denny – Reporter, Sky Sports
Ellie Walter – Broadcast journalist, Sky Sports
Yinsu Collins – Freelance journalist, Red Bull Esports and Sky Sports
Aman Pathiara – Freelance sub-editor, Sky Sports
Nick Grounds – Sub-editor, Sky Sports
Alex Lovegrove – Assistant producer, Times Radio
Micaela Arneson – Assistant producer, Times Radio

Rhian Evans – Broadcast journalist, London Live
Jason Marsh – Digital team manager, Fox Sports and News Corp Australia
Ellie Gibbs – Assistant producer for Channel 4 and Sky Living
Mauro Galluzo – Online producer, Channel 4 News
Charlie Mole – Reporter, Channel 4 Dispatches
Mauro Galluzzo – Broadcast journalist, Channel 4 News
Toby Bakare – Broadcast journalist, Channel 4 News
Boye Adeniyi – Broadcast journalist, Channel 4 News
Sammy Mngqosini – Associate producer, CNN
Adefela Olowoselu – Associate producer, CNN
George Ramsay – Assistant producer, CNN
Kat Pirnak – Audience producer, The Bureau
Elisa Menendez – Digital producer, ITV News
Emily Davies – Digital producer, ITV
Funmi Olutoye – News features producer, ITV
Manuela Brown – Assistant news editor, ITV
Tamsin Eames – Broadcast journalist, ITV News
Fran De Noury – Broadcast journalist, ITV News
Lucille Brobbey – Journalist, ITV Granada
Simran Johal – Trainee Journalist, ITV Granada
Jack Kennedy – Reporter, ITV Sport
Koel Mukherjee – Broadcast journalist, ITV News
Michael Kelleher – Reporter, ITV News
Emma Lindsay – Strategist, ITV News
Soraya Aslam – Assistant producer, ITV News
Sarah Jane Lock – Assistant news editor, Channel 5
Jade Gamlin – Reporter, Channel 5
Freya Pickford – Assistant news editor, ITN
Lucy Jones – Associate editor, GB News
Grace Harbage – News producer, GB News
Zeynel Yuce – Lead producer, LBC
Kieran Wellington – Producer, LBC
Jiji Ahn – Assistant producer, NBC Universal Media
Will Turvill – Reporter, City AM
Ross McLean – Reporter, City AM

Rhian Hughes – Production journalist, London Live
Funmi Olutoye – Reporter, London Live
Charlie Byrne – Assistant producer, IMG Media
Helen Chandler – Assistant producer, WTA Productions, Perform
Thomas Gayle – Commentator, Eurosport
Kate Bamber – PA TV
Sam Green – Multimedia editor, UK Sport
Rebecca Benhamou – Reporter, i24news
Amaris Cole – Omg broadcast researcher
Max Bentley – Content editor BT Sport
Theo Lee Ray – Documentary producer, BT Sport
Marcus Duncomb – Digital producer, BT Sport
Rajan Mangat – Social media reporter, BT Sport
Martin Voller – Digital reporter, BT Sport

Jessica Stevenson – Producer, Sketch films
Emily Wilson – Production assistant, Sharp Focus
Jess Miller – Digital editor, Drinkaware
Adam Faulkner – Development researcher, Shine TV
Charlotte Long – Reporter, Radio Jackie
Kirsty Shanks – Reporter, Share Radio 
Katrine Cereda – Presenter and producer, TalkTV and Talksport
Joe Coleman – Assistant producer, Talksport 
Adam Jones – Reporter, Talksport 
Jack Austin – Reporter, Talksport
Adonis Pratsides – Producer, Talksport
Jackson Cole – Evening editor, Talksport
Carl Robinson – Production assistant, Talksport
Sean O’Brien – Sports writer, Talksport
William Denny – Writer, Talksport
Rose Knight – Researcher, Raw TV
Sean Doherty – Reporter, Kent Live
Steve Forbes – Stadium presenter, Southampton FC
Lucy Mansfield – Runner and freelance producer, Sky News
Lottie Limb – Digital producer, Euronews
Sally Patterson – Video journalist, Feature Story News
Hannah Lovejoy – Presenter, Premier Gospel
Sophia Alexandra Hall – Content editor, Classic FM


Emma Hughes – Journalist, Vogue
Arielle Tchiprout – Features assistant, Red magazine
Meena Alexander – Features editor, Stylist Magazine
Sakaynah Hunter – Digital news editor, ELLE
Chris Mandle – Features editor, Shortlist Magazine
Sara Oldfield – Digital editor, Fabulous Magazine
Nathalie Whittle – Feature writer, Woman & Home magazine
Katie Avis-Riordan – Journalist, Coast Magazine
Annamarie Gregory – News editor, OK! magazine 
Lucy Middleton – News reporter, OK! magazine

Helen Turnbull – Reporter, OK! magazine
Isabelle Casey – Online writer, Hello! magazine
Margarita Lana – Features writer, National Geographic
Miranda Aldersley – Junior editor, The Economist
Joshua Jamieson – Social media fellow, The Economist
James Heale, Diary editor, Spectator
Ellen Halliday – Deputy editor, Prospect
Tom Roddy – Reporter, Newsweek
Conor Gaffey – Reporter, Newsweek
Charlotte Luxford – Features editor, Time 
Fay Watson – Digital reporter, Time
James Hobson – Researcher, The Week
Jessica Baldwin – Travel writer, Time Out
Maria Vallahis – Reporter, Heat magazine
Will Turvill – Reporter & sub-editor, Press Gazette
Freddy Mayhew – Reporter & sub-editor, Press Gazette
David Taylor – Content editor, Golf Monthly
Tabi Jackson Gee – Editor, Dare Magazine
Caroline Knell – Sub-editor, Closer
Michael Holder – Freelance, NME, Q magazine
Elizia Volkmann – Fashion editor, Twist Magazine
Rachel Stevenson – Editor, IDEAL magazine
Emma Griffin – Fashion writer, Secret Sales
Daniel Stables – Writer, Rough Guides
Aaliyah Harry – Entertainment and features assistant, Grazia
Jadie Troy-Pryde – Writer, Grazia
Jamila Robertson – Contributing editor, The Girl, Grazia freelance
Caroline Knell – Sub-editor, Closer
Tevye Markson – Reporter, Civil Service World
Sarah Aston – Reporter, Civil Service World
Melissa Massey – Reporter, Retail Jeweller
Helena Gumley-Mason – Journalist, Antiques Magazine
Kezia Joseph – Reporter, Mobile Magazine
Rhodri Andrews – Travel journalist, Wanderlust Travel Media
Ciara Farmer – Reporter, Worldwide Entertainment News
Danny Coyle – Editor, Men’s Running
Jo Carter – Senior editor, Tennishead
Joe Rigal – Journalist, Tennishead
Zainab Hussain – Journalist, BMJ
Amelia Jean Jones – Editorial assistant, Women’s Health UK
Jessica Wilson – Reporter, Love It magazine
Alex Cardno – Editor, Credit Today
Lucy Copp – Beauty journalist, Cosmetics Business
Robyn Davidson – Editorial assistant, Cyclist
Colin Henrys – Editorial Assistant, Road Cycling UK
Stuart Clarke – Writer, Cycling Weekly
Patrick Fletcher – Reporter, Cycling News
George Gigney – Reporter, Boxing News
Sam Rider – Writer, Men’s Fitness
Melanie Attlesey – Editor, Printwear & Promotion
Shanna McGoldrick – Reporter, Sleeper Magazine
Charlotte Luxford – Deputy editor, Grand Designs Magazine
Peter Stanners – Editor-in-chief, The Murmur
Sophie Flowers – News editor, The Pharma Letter
Hannah Baker – Features writer, Director Magazine
Marcus Janssen – Deputy editor, Fieldsports Magazine & Scottish Sporting Gazette
Matthew Jeynes – Senior news reporter, Investment Adviser
Emily Ansell – Reporter, My News Magazine
Robert Edwards – Online editor, The Richmond Mag
Matt Williams – Assistant editor, Surrey Life
Sophie Flowers – News editor, The Pharma Letter
James Linacre – Deputy editor, Structured Credit Investor
James Riches – Head of content, The EWord
Tess De La Mare – Reporter, Campden Family Business News
Nick Bull – Reporter, Cycling Weekly
Owen Evans – Events editor, SportBusiness International
Jas Bahia – News reporter, Central Press
Ben Penty – Editor, Beetroot
Sam Dale – Politics reporter, Money Marketing
Beth Allcock – Senior reporter, The Wharf
Joe Dalton – Business editor, Longitude Research
Vicky Beckett – Senior reporter, Reactions Magazine at EuroMoney
Sam Barker – Deputy editor, Global Reinsurance 
Claire Vanner – Reporter, Computer Business Review
Jacklin Kwan – Intern, Science Magazine
Megan Darby – Energy editor, Utility Week
Lila Randall – News reporter, TNT Finance 
Hannah Solel – Reporter, Spear’s magazine
Elena Angelides – Features writer, That’s Life!
Laura Cole – Deputy editor, That’s Life!
Fiona Jackson – Assistant editor, Honeycomb Magazine
May Woods – Editor, Green Queen Magazine


Alya Zayed – Content editor, MyLondon
Josiah Mortimer – City Hall editor, MyLondon
Lisa Haseldine – Local democracy reporter, MyLondon
Lucy Williamson – Health reporter, MyLondon

Reemul Balla – News reporter, MyLondon
Sam Ormiston – Senior Reporter, MyLondon
Seren Hughes – Reporter, MyLondon
Tilly Alexander – Reviews writer, MyLondon
Anahita Hossein-Pour – Reporter, Andover Advertiser
Calum Fraser – Reporter, South London Press
Rafi Benady – Journalist, South London Press
Sam Ford – Reporter, South London Press
Katherine Johnston – Reporter, Southwark News
Rhiannon Long – Reporter, Islington Gazette
Lucas Cumiskey – Reporter, Islington Gazette
Euan O’Byrne Mulligan – Reporter, Croydon Guardian
Vicky Munro – Reporter, Get West London
Josh Salisbury – Reporter, Southwark News
Ed Sheridan – Local democracy reporter, Hackney Citizen, Islington Citizen and Camden Citizen
Stephen Mahon – Sports writer, Irish Post
Sarah Turnnidge – Reporter, Bristol Live
James Roberts – Reporter, Oxford Mail
Alexandra Collett – Business writer, Cambridge News
Mark Stillman – Journalist, Bath Live
Jake Foxford – Reporter, Ipswich Star
Nick Kituno – Reporter, Sutton Guardian
Dominic Moffitt – Reporter, East Anglian Daily Times
Josh Powling – Political editor, Sussex Newspapers
Ed Grover – Reporter, Lincolnshire Echo
Katie Holland – Reporter, Rotorua Daily Post, New Zealand
Andrew Nowell – Senior reporter, Wigan Evening Post and Observer
Paul Berentzen – Crime reporter, Blackpool Gazette
Alex Winter – Senior reporter, Bournemouth Echo
Fiona O’Brien – Reporter, Irish Times
Peter Grant – Digital content, social and audience manager, Newsquest 
Hannah Green – Chief reporter, Newsquest
Sam Petherick – Copy editor, Newsquest
Alice Sjöberg – Reporter, Newsquest
Andrew Lawton – Reporter, Newsquest
Huw Cross – Sports reporter, Newsquest
Jon Robinson – Senior reporter, Lancashire Telegraph
Jonathan Brown – Health reporter, Yorkshire Evening Post
Ned Payne – Sports reporter, Bournemouth Daily Echo
Amie Keeley – News editor, Ilford Recorder
Vicky Bull – Reporter, Hemel Hampstead Gazette
Dan Cooper – Reporter, Newbury Weekly News
Alex Homer – Chief reporter, Express and Star
Frank Smith – Senior reporter, Watford Observer
Tom Allnut – Sports reporter, Watford Obvserver
Kathryn Cummings – Reporter, Cambrian News
Brendan McFadden – Reporter, Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard
Robin Scott – Reporter, Illife News and Media
Katie Richardson – Reporter, Edinburgh Evening News
Clare Buchanan – Chief reporter, Richmond and Twickenham Times
Tom Ambrose – Senior reporter, Richmond and Twickenham Times
Sean-Paul Doran – Reporter, Kent and Sussex Courier
Aimee Howarth – Editor, Saddleworth Independent
Hannah Hulme – Reporter, Stoke Sentinel Group
Charlotte Hadfield – News reporter, Liverpool Echo 
Dan Haygarth – Reporter, Liverpool Echo 
Jonathan Humphries – Court reporter, Liverpool Echo 
Nick Tyrrell – Magistrates’ court reporter, Liverpool Echo 
Keifer MacDonald – Sports Journalist, Liverpool Echo
Kyle Newbould – Freelance contributor, Liverpool Echo
Naomi Agius – News reporter, Wokingham Times
Sophia Rahman – Reporter, Lancashire Telegraph
Rebecca Pocklington – Reporter, Reading Chronicle
Nicholas Watmough – Reporter, Warrington Guardian
Sam Blackledge – Senior reporter, Plymouth Herald
Rachel Burford – Reporter, Kingston Guardian
Emma Davies – Reporter, Stoke Sentinel
Andrew Bardsley – Reporter, Bury Times
Isabel Oldman – digital reporter, Bury Times
Tui Benjamin – Reporter, Bury Times

Ana Hine – Reporter, Dundee Evening Telegraph
Ted Stirzaker – Journalist, The Bolton News
Jeremy Culley – Reporter, The Bolton News
Hayley McGovern – Video journalist, The Bolton News
Robbie Gill – Reporter, Congleton Chronicle
Lucy Hilton – Reporter, Johnston Press
Joel Lamy – Reporter, Peterborough Telegraph
Cameron Eyles – Regional editor, Nub News
Hannah Davenport – Regional editor, Nub News
Joel Lamy – News reporter, Peterborough Telegraph
Lauren Hirst – Reporter, Warrington Guardian
Ruth Dacey – Writer, Sheffield Star and Telegraph
Steven Ross – Reporter, Sheffield Telegraph
Ben Ireland – Reporter, Nottingham Evening Post
Andrew Lawton – Reporter, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald
Jessica Phillips – Reporter, Hereford Times
Cara Quinn – Reporter, Middlewich Guardian
Beth Marsh – Reporter, Carmarthen Journal
Ron Walker – Reporter, Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury
Jonathan Robinson – Reporter, Lancashire Telegraph
John Paul Shammas – Reporter, Harrow Observer
Jamie Micklethwaite – Reporter, Bournemouth Echo
Georgina Stubbs – Reporter, Southport Visitor
Hannah Green – Reporter, Somerset County Gazette
Bruce Thain – Reporter, Harrow Times and Independent series
Will Tomaney – Senior reporter, The Kidderminster Shuttle
Emily Coady-Stemp – Local democracy reporter, Surrey Live
Steven White – Reporter, Surrey Live
Charlie Bennett – Reporter, Surrey Herald

James Watkins – Senior reporter, Surrey Advertiser
Jennifer Morris – Reporter, Surrey Advertiser
Jonathan Humphries – Crime reporter, North West Evening Mail
Katie Mansfield – Reporter, Essex, East London and Thurrock Enquirer
Peter Walker – Reporter, Essex Chronicle
Anna Willis – Reporter, Essex Live
Katriona Ormiston – Reporter, Oxford Mail
Oliver Porritt – Reporter, Sevenoaks Chronicle
Sean-Paul Doran – Acting chief reporter, Kent and Sussex Courier
Hannah Raven – Reporter, Uxbridge Gazette
Karen Regn Moore – Reporter, Trinity Mirror
Natasha Adkins – Reporter, Reading Post
Tom Allnutt – Reporter, Watford Observer
Andrew Baber – Reporter, Wiltshire Times
Gemma Ellis – Reporter, Daventry Express
Freddy Mayhew – Reporter, Barking and Dagenham Post
Karl Dyer – Sub-editor, Cambrian News
Matthew Reason – Reporter, Gazette Series
Helen Wright – Reporter, Welwyn Hatfield Times
Andrew Belt – Reporter, Reading Chronicle
Lucy Elder – Reporter, Maidenhead Advertiser Network
Emma Cary – Reporter, East London Guardian
Lamiat Sabin – Reporter, East London Guardian
Ellie Joslin – Reporter, North Devon Journal
Alistair Kleebauer – Reporter, Ilford Recorder
Toby Meyjes – Senior reporter, Western Morning News
Matt Bass – Reporter, Watford Observer
Georgina Campbell – Reporter, Reading Chronicle
Sam Meadows – Reporter, Hertfordshire Mercury
Stephen Sumner – Reporter, Sidmouth Herald
Jenna Campbell – What’s On editor, Manchester Evening News
Bethany English – Reporter, Manchester Evening News
Ethan Davies – Reporter, Manchester Evening News
James Holt – Reporter, Manchester Evening News
Joseph Timan – Local democracy reporter, Manchester Evening News
Liv Clarke – Tourism writer, Manchester Evening News
Jack Flintham – Football trends writer, Manchester Evening News
Yasmin Al-Najar – Journalist, Manchester Evening News
Nicole Wootton-Cane – Reporter, Manchester Evening News
Dani Cole – Reporter, The Manchester Mill
Emma Higgins – Video journalist, Manchester World
Sofia Fedeczko – Journalist, Manchester World
Asmita Sarkar – Journalist, Birmingham World
Jack Tooth – Reporter, Trafford Messenger & Oldham Times
Jack Fifield – Journalist, Oldham Times
Iram Rahman – Reporter, Oldham Evening News
Lucy Kenderdine – Reporter, Oldham Chronicle
Nicola Hine – News editor, Slough Express
George Roberts – Reporter, Maidenhead Advertiser and Slough/Windsor Express
Laura Scardarella – Digital reporter, Slough and Windsor Observer
Rachel Barr – Reporter, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald
Naomi Firsht – Reporter, Jewish Chronicle
Emma Griffin – Fashion writer, Secret Sales
Amy Clare Martin – Reporter, Kent and Sussex Courier
Drew Nicol – Reporter, Watford Observer
Rachel Jenkins – Reporter, Shropshire Star
Carly Read – Reporter, News Shopper
Bethany Whymark – Reporter, Bury Free Press
Alice Gerrard – Journalist, Bury Times
Olivia Parish – Reporter, Kent and Sussex Courier
Sarah Ward – Reporter, Kent and Sussex Courier
Charlotte Goodwin – Reporter, Best Magazine
Douglas Patient – Reporter, Wanstead and Woodford Guardian
Molly Kersey – Reporter, Bromley Times
Frederica Miller – Reporter, Get West London
Tom Horton – Reporter, Archant titles
Jennifer Desborough – Reporter, Harrow Times
Daniel Blackham – Reporter, Bracknell News
Adam Theofilatos – Reporter, Bracknell News
David Pittam – Journalist, Nottingham Post
Toby Bryant – Digital journalist, NewcastleWorld
Rebecca McGrath – Reporter, Wirral Globe
Matthew Hancock-Bruce – Reporter, Worcester News
Annie Owen – Journalist, North Wales Live
Jack Walton – Journalist, North Wales Live
Ellie Brown, Local democracy reporter, Coventry Live
Eve Tawfick – Reporter, Lynn News
Noora Mykkanen – Community reporter, Bucks Free Press
Kim Schewitz – Journalist, Ham and High and Islington Gazette
Flaminia Luck – Reporter, Chronicle Live
Richard Price – Local democracy reporter, Staffordshire Live
Joe Acklam – Chief of sport, Total Sport Swindon
Declan Carey – Community news writer, In Your Area
Elizabeth Rushton – Journalist, Berliner Zeitung English Edition
Chris Pickles – Local journalism initiative reporter, Niagara this Week