News Associates graduates dominate NCTJ Diploma in Journalism awards

News Associates graduates won four of the 2017 NCTJ diploma exam awards last week – more than any other journalism school.

The awards were presented to the trainees who received the highest marks in each subject – with News Associates alumni across London and Manchester winning reporting, essential public affairs, sports journalism and shorthand (110/120wpm).

Sky Sports News presenter Rob Wotton handed out the awards at the ceremony on Friday, February 3.

Former London part-time trainee Matthew Reynolds said: “I’m thrilled to receive the NCTJ award for highest reporting result.

“Full credit to all the tutors at News Associates, who were always on hand to help and gave me all the support I needed to go into the exam feeling confident and prepared.”

Meanwhile, London fast-track alumnus Matthew Burton received the highest PA result award with an impressive 95%.

The prestigious shorthand accolade was awarded to Manchester graduate Rosalyn Roden.

“I am very grateful to have received this award – it makes all the hours of shorthand practice worthwhile,” said the shorthand queen.

“I use shorthand every single day so am incredibly thankful to have been taught this skill.”

And the sports journalism award went to Paul McNamara who completed our sports multimedia diploma in London last year.

News Associates managing editor James Toney said: “I couldn’t be more proud of the achievements of our trainees across a variety of subjects and courses.

“They all worked so hard and I’m glad this has been recognised.”